Unified heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko is deep in preparations for his November 28 bout against Briton Tyson Fury. After the bout was previously postponed due to a calf injury suffered by the champion in training, this one looks good to go for next week.

Wladimir Klitschko says that his training camp has been excellent, except for one glitch:

Finding someone to mimic Tyson Fury’s threat isn’t easy. Fury is a behemoth at 6-9, can switch hit and has very good movement. So what did Wladimir do about this “problem”?

He brings in the best sparring partner any heavyweight can get.

In case you’ve forgotten, Vitali Klitschko was the former WBO, WBC and Ring Heavyweight champion. He owns the second highest KO rate among heavyweight champions at 87.23% or 41 KOs in 47 bouts and had the 8th longest title reign in heavyweight boxing history. He is also Wladimir’s older brother and current mayor of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine:


Vitali is retired and hasn’t fought professionally in three years. But even at 44, he may be good enough to win a major heavyweight belt, given the dearth of good heavyweights nowadays. But he isn’t coming back at all. He was just giving little brother some support.

This week’s sparring session wasn’t the first between the Klitschko’s though:

Technically, that wasn’t sparring. But Wladimir once said in an interview with CNN:

“We never competed against each other in any tournaments. We sparred with each other, and those sparring sessions were not fun. It was very bloody, emotional, and we just realized after getting injured, in another sparring session against your brother, we decided not to do that.”

Mailk Scott’s photo of the Klistschkos showed both with gloves, meaning they really sparred with each other. If so, Wlad must be damn serious about knocking out Fury.

Tyson Fury’s such a character. He can get himself dressed as Batman again:


But Dr. Steelhammer means business:

Can’t wait for this to unfold.