Floyd Mayweather Jr. is retired and he has repeatedly said that is final and official. But while he is enjoying life outside the ring buying cars or raining cash on strippers, he’s been in a lot of fights lately. Since September 12, he’s fought more than he usually does in a year, which is twice. But it hasn’t been the kind of fights where he could use his shoulder roll to defend himself:

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather

He is into fights where he has to fight back.

First it was rival Manny Pacquiao, who recently told CNN to that he wants another shot at Mayweather-without the injured shoulder:

Mayweather fired back by saying Pacman is merely “piggybacking” off his name to sell his final bout.

The came Mayweather’s strong reply to protege Adrien Broner who dissed his Money Team after a victory last month. Broner, returned fire with a 10 minute rant against his Big Brother:

While Mayweather has already dismissed the idea of fighting Pacquiao again- he beat Pacman convincingly last May 2, the beef with Broner seems to be escalating by the week. Don’t be surprised if Mayweather will reply to Broner in the coming days. As TBE, he always wants to have the last word.
But even before he could throw a counter punch at Broner, another former opponent has come out swinging at Mayweather via Playboy Magazine. Yes, that Playboy magazine.

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