We heard about Joe Rogan’s controversial audio clip just moments before the Aldo-McGregor bout at UFC 194. Now a video of UFC owner Frank Fertita slamming the UFC Featherweight belt on the floor immediately after Conor McGregor knocks Jose Aldo out cold.

In the video, the Fertitas are seen seated at their customary ringside seats Lorenzo is seated directly above the “M” in the canvass while Frank is the guy on his left. Like all the 16,516 fans who watched McGregor’s 13 second destruction of Aldo, Lorenzo stood up after the stoppage. Frank did the same thing, but surprisingly, he took the UFC featherweight belt and slammed it down hard on the table:

Moments after that incident, Dana White would wrap that same belt around the waist of Conor McGregor. But why would he do that? And who is Frank Fertita?

Frank Fertita and his brother Lorenzo, along with UFC President Dana White form the triumvirate responsible for the birth and ascent of the UFC as the premier Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world. The Fertitas each own a 40.5% share of Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company while White has 9% and Flash Entertainment 10%:


But among the three, Frank ( to Dana’s left) is the laid back type of owner who prefers to let Lorenzo and Dana run the show on a daily basis. He’s the guy whom you rarely hear give interviews to the press, much less show emotion at ringside. So it’s a huge mystery why Lorenzo would slam the UFC Featherweight belt on the table after Conor McGregor won the bout.

For one, Conor McGregor is the man who has taken the sport to a new level with his character, confidence, charisma and knockout power. Imagine an MMA fighter who packs thousands during weigh-ins:

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