To say that Conor McGregor is the Fighting Pride of Ireland is an understatement because he is considered a demigod in his native country. As such, he should be treated the same way by the companies who make more money off him than he does the other way around.

But that hasn’t been the case for McGregor, who has fell “victim” to simple but stupid mistakes by his corporate partners. Let’s start with Reebok because this Deal has been a disaster with fighter complains and errors:


The GIBLERT instead of GILBERT Melendez debacle wasn’t that big an issue at all. But when a politically divisive and offensive shirt involving McGregor’s beloved Ireland hit the company’s website just before the UFC Fight Night Ireland event last October, McGregor’s coach John Kavanaugh almost terminated SBG Ireland’s Reebok deal barely 24 hours after announcing a partnership:


How could Reebok omit Northern Ireland?That’s water under the bridge now because that shirt was immediately pulled out of the market.

Then last week, a “disappointed fan” sent a photo of another Reebok blunder. This time, it was the $125.00 UFC Champions Jacket of Conor McGregor with the USA logo on the side:

But then again maybe we can let this jacket issue pass too as another Reebok mistake, because it is.And after two strikes against Conor McGregor, you won’t expect Reebok to strike out next, right? That remains to be seen because Reebok is well, Reebok.

Then during Friday’s UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Masvidal broadcast from Seoul, Korea, the UFC promoted heavily UFC 194, which will feature the highly awaited featherweight title bout between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor and which is just two weeks away from finally ( and hopefully, cross your fingers) happening. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the UFC’s TV graphics. Watch the image closely:

For the second time in a week, Conor McGregor has been associated with the U.S.A. No big deal to corporate giants like Reebok and the UFC because errors like these are all part of business. But isn’t these blasphemy to the people of Ireland and fans in general who revere him more as a god than a hero? For the legions who adore the Notorious, this has got to be annoying because it hasn’t just happened once but thrice already against their King. And yes, if this is just business for them, isn’t Conor McGregor the biggest business for the UFC and Reebok right now?

People don’t mind petty mistakes but it seems these corporate giants are too busy to notice. Or do they still care at all?