Wanderlei Silva has an axe to grind against the Nevada State Athletic commission because the NSAC banned the Axe Murderer for life after “literally running away” from a drug test during his aborted UFC 175 fight against Chael Sonnen.

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Silva vehemently denied that he fled the scene to avoid being drug tested. Watch his angry reply to Chael Sonnen’s accusations:

Okay so he forgot his shoe but the NSAC didn’t buy his crap and proceeded to fine him $70,000 and slap a lifetime ban on the former Pride Champion.

That lifetime ban however was reversed last May by a Nevada district judge who ruled that the NSAC’s ban was “in excess of the statutory authority of the agency”. The ruling also ordered a re-hearing during the Commission’s next session on October 29. But a couple of weeks before the hearing, Silva talks about Nick Diaz’s suspension, his intention to join Henry Cejudo in boycotting Nevada and the use of IVs for rehydration.

Here’s the Axe Murderer’s video statement:

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