So now that Miesha Tate has finally won the UFC women’s bantamweight belt from Holly Holm it seems Ronda Rousey is ready to come back and take over the women’s MMA world yet again.
A lot of MMA fans are starting to call foul as they are saying that about 2 months ago Ronda Rousey was saying she still had media obligations and wanted to accomplish things before taking the rematch against the newly minted Women’s Champion Holly Holm. As Dana White stated in an interview mid-January:

“The filming of the movie got pushed back,” White told Iole. “She could do both, but the question is, should she do both? She could do both, but why should she? The filming is in a time frame where she’d finish before 200, but it would be cutting it too close.”

That never left out the potential for Rousey to come back later this year and eventually fight Holm, but it did seem as a situation she seemed to want to take at a more cautious pace than not for whatever her reasons. After her recent appearance on the Ellen show and the suicide statement she has received a lot of criticism from fighters, even being called mentally weak among the few names tossed her way. Some say with thoughts like that she should take the time to regain her motivation and to physically and mentally recover, more than likely rework her strategy to retake her belt from the then champion Holly Holm. Miesha Tate, on the other hand, had other ideas about Rousey’s’ return:

“I know Ronda’s not slated to come back until November and that’s kind of a long time to just sit and be idle. Now that I’m the champion I feel like I have unlimited energy. I don’t even know what she’s thinking right now. It seems like her motivation to stick around was to have Travis Browne’s baby, so… I don’t know. That doesn’t sound like a very motivated comeback. Every time I’ve ever lost my motivation was to get back up on the horse and fight someone again and work my way back to the top.”


Non-fans and fans alike have challenged her warrior spirit as they have noticed the newfound excitement and haste to return to the UFC after Miesha Tate won the belt recently at UFC 196. Noting that instead of Rousey wanting to come back and avenge her loss, that she is more focused on getting her belt back against an opponent that she has beaten twice by arm bar. But with the UFC ready for Rousey to return and bring more star power back into their ratings and promotion Rousey was promised to get the next title shot against the winner of Holm vs Tate. With a situation like this many might consider that Rousey is actually afraid to fight Holm or is just taking the easier way out, but maybe sometimes the belt and the glory are worth way much more than the fight and challenge to some fighters than others.