In an interview with MMA Digest last week, Invicta FC Featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino declared that she wants to meet up with Joe Rogan and Tony Hinchcliffe because she wants to teach them a lesson, the “Brazilian Style”: Watch this:

But What prompted Cris Cyborg to threaten Rogan?

A few weeks ago, Rogan and comedian Tony Hinchcliffe made a gender-related joke during an edition of the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast that featured UFC President Dana White.


Hear this:

Aside from being a UFC commentator, Rogan considers himself as a comedian and as such, he and Hinchcliffe (another comedian) meant that as a “joke”. In the past, Rogan had also joked about Cyborg’s looks and steroids use but this one was literally “below the belt”. How could Cris Justino have a penis for chrissakes?


Immediately after the podcast, Cyborg replied to the three clowns via Twitter and called them bullies. She even engaged Hinchcliffe in a Twitter spat. Rogan did the right thing, which was not add fuel to the fire by not saying anything. But apparently, Cyborg hasn’t forgotten the incident.

Looking at the bigger picture, this isn’t just a Cyborg vs Rogan issue because it might just have killed a possible Cris Cyborg-Ronda Rousey mega fight.

The Cyborg-Rousey bout has been discussed like the Mayweather-Pacquiao of boxing. But because mainly of weight issues, it hasn’t happened. With Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm, it has been further moved back. And with this Joe Rogan penis joke, it may be gone forever.

Earlier this year, Chris Justino said that she will be attempting to cut weight in to prove she can make 135 and book a fight with Rousey in the UFC. But it appears now that she will be staying at 145 and staying at Invicta.

Cyborg has been slated to return to the cage at the Invicta FC 15 card on January 2016. Although the weight at which she will be fighting hasn’t been finalized yet, her likely opponent- Cindy Dandois is a featherweight at Invicta FC.

According to her coach George Prajin, Rogan’s comments and Ronda’s loss have lessened her fighter’s motivation to cut weight and even fight in the UFC soon. Said Prajin:

“Joe Rogan could end up calling one of the Cris Justino fights in the UFC. Him making those types of comments about a fighter is completely irresponsible.”

So are the flailing hopes of booking a Rousey-Cyborg bout gone now?

With this lack of confidence in the UFC, that fight is most probably dead. Cris Cyborg would rather beat up Joe Rogan or Tony Hinchliffe (or both).