There are still 354 days left in 2016 but it looks as if the 2016 Fight of The Year is already in the bag.

As advertised, Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit produced a five round thriller which will be hard to top as Fight of the Year for 2016. Just like Lawler’s previous title defense against Rory MacDonald, it was a back and forth battle with blood all over the octagon.

Lawler and Condit had a combined 87.5% finishing rate and have a total of 8 Fight of The Night and 3 Knockout of the Night awards with their exciting come-forward striking styles. But with both men having the best chins in the business, many experts believed the fight would go the distance, with both men bloodied and bruised. They were correct and nobody was disappointed.

The fight was considered as dead even in most betting books and true enough, only one round separated both men in the scorecards:


Boxing referee Tony Weeks had Condit winning 48-47 by giving him the close round three. But the difference in the fight was that epic fifth round which all judges gave to Lawler. In the scorecards of Derek Cleary and Chris Lee, it proved to be the deciding factor in the title bout.

If you missed that round, you’ve got to see it here to believe it:

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