There is an old saying that goes “He who lives by the sword dies by the sword” and that holds true in combat sports.

It wasn’t long ago when boxing’s most dynamic offensive weapon succumbed to a shocking loss at the hands of his nemesis:

Manny Pacquiao was dominating that round and controlling that fight up until Juan Manuel Marquez landed that big bomb. The overly aggressive Pacquiao got caught and he was knocked out cold. End of story.

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion who is often compared to Rousey because of his dominance and brutality, met his match in Buster Douglas. Rousey met hers at UFC 193 in Holly Holm.

Rousey looked all-business as she made her way to the Octagon. It looked as if she was ready to take Holly Holm’s head off. She had been furious about Holly Holm since this incident during the weigh-in:

Whether that got into her head or not, Rousey came off the gates charging at Holly Holm. But the former world champion boxer didn’t get rattled and stuck to her game plan of neutralizing Rousey’s aggression with movement and counter punching. Once Holly’s left had started finding its mark, we felt something special was going to happen:

And there went the immortality many bestowed upon Rousey who had blasted her way to becoming the most dominant combat sports champion of All-Time. But she fought fire with fire. And like the Tysons and Pacmans, she paid dearly.

Offense and action make fights exciting and are what fans pay to see. But strategy and a calculated approach is always better. It got Floyd Mayweather Jr this:


It wasn’t all pretty but Pretty Boy retired 49-0 and with hundreds of millions of dollars. Incidentally, Rousey had a beef with Floyd before UFC 193. Look who has the last laugh now:


Rousey’s a great champion and will probably get an instant rematch. With the right stategy of not boxing with a champion boxer, she will get her old belt back. One thing is sure though, now she knows why Floyd Mayweather Jr. “runs”.