Nick Diaz surely knows how to get into trouble. In saying that, we mean both good and bad trouble. Bad trouble? Easy to count them but the last one was getting suspended for marijuana use during a drug test related to his most recent bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 183.  But what about good trouble? Is that even literally correct? Yes it is. Nick Diaz knows how to buy himself a fight and he may have just booked his next fight.

Following Michael Bisping’s win over Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night 84, Diaz tweeted a meme that got Bisping’s ire:

Now if you ask what photo could have set The Count off, here it is:

Bisping was coming off the biggest win of his career, an emotional one at that, and here come’s Nick trolling him? Not good.

After the fight, Bisping told Ariel Helwani in an interview that he felt “relief” and was overcome by emotion after beating Silva that he “forgot” to demand a title shot during the post-fight interviews.

They say that everything in life has a purpose and while Bisping thought he missed the title bus, this may be the purpose:

Bisping was the first to react to Nick Diaz’s tweet. And he didn’t just react, he called out Diaz in his first sentence. Then it just into a classical Michael Bisping mouthful on Twitter:

Nick Diaz lost badly to Anderson Silva at UFC 183 while Bisping, well we know what happened, beat Silva by the slimmest of margins last Saturday. Bisping also took a shot at Nick’s brother, who’s got a fight with Conor McGregor this coming Saturday:

Finally, Bisping reiterated his first statement:

Nick Diaz’s suspension was reduced to 18 months by the NSAC last month, meaning he is eligible to return on August 1, 2016. That’s barely five months away and that would be enough time for Bisping’s facial stitches to heal.

Nick Diaz and Michael Bisping are two of the best trash talkers in the game. But they’re a duo who back their words with some real toughness inside the octagon. Well if we thought McGregor versus Nate this weekend didn’t have enough trash talk because the fight was put up on short notice, Nick Diaz versus Michael Bisping should be a mega buck fight that should have one of the best trash talks we’ll ever see in this lifetime. And don’t get me wrong, these aren’t just talkers. Not only are they two of the most popular figures in the game, they have styles that are tailor made for each other.

Sure, some fans (count me in) want Michael Bisping to finally get his well-deserved title shot. But many more also won’t mind if he trades words then punches with Nick Diaz later this year. That would be a classic. Now book that fight Dana White.