Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz

You all thought Nate Diaz was going to take this whole Floyd-Conor thing silently? Wrong! Nate Diaz always has the last say and the last laugh.

In a special edition of the MMAHour on Wednesday, Diaz told Ariel Helwani that the whole thing is simply a publicity stuff:

“I hear all this Mayweather-McGregor sh*t, and I feel like that’s just a big old publicity stunt to hide the fact that he got his ass whooped. It’s rumors somebody is letting out, because they’re both benefitting off each other’s fanbases and they’re both building off of it. They don’t care if it happens or not, they’re both winning right now from the talk even happening. That’s the truth about what’s really going. The media is working their way and they’re loving it. They’re probably having dinner together every night.”

Typical Nate statement? That wasn’t it yet. Diaz then went off on both Mayweather and McGregor, saying he’d whoop both their asses on the same night:

“That’s ( publicity stunt) exactly what I think. Because every time I hear more about it, I get a call. I’m like, hey, I call your bluff. Fight that mother*cker then. I’ll be right here. I’m the only one out of the three of us that can say I’ll whip both of their asses in one night, because Conor can’t say that. Floyd definitely cannot say that.”

 Nate has trained with ranked professional boxers in the past, including former super middleweight champ Andre Ward, so he definitely knows boxing more than McGregor. And when he was asked about McGregor sparring with a former boxing champ the other week, Diaz didn’t spare former IBO welterweight champion Chris Van Heerden from his verbal assault:

“You got this guy f*cking bouncing around sparring with some clown over at Freddie Roach’s? I don’t give a f*ck about that guy. You’re flossing that guy? I’ll beat that guy’s ass too.”

Van Heerden may not have won a major world title, but he ain’t no clown either. However, take a look at McGregor’s boxing here:

You think that’s going to compete, much more beat Floyd Mayweather Jr? Never. Even Van Heerden recently told ESNEWS:

“There’s no doubt about it. Who beats Mayweather? Mayweather is the best. TB (the best) as they say. Mayweather is the absolute best. It would be, in my opinion, it would be a one-sided fight. But, take nothing away from Conor, it takes one punch, we all know that in the fight world. It takes one punch. And can Conor land a punch? Yes, he can land a punch. But not on Floyd.”

Ouch Chris, that hurts!

Going back to Nate Diaz, the Stockton standout believes that in the end, what’s going to get done is his rematch with McGregor not the Floyd bluff:

“We went and took a picture by the mural that was downtown here, and then afterwards we talked a little more. They were cool and I was cool and it was just business talk. It didn’t end on the happiest notes but I think stuff is getting done and stuff is moving forward.”

Sure, the meeting in Stockton didn’t go as planned. But for the sake of sanity, let’s hope Nate Diaz is right on it getting done soon.