Even though UFC President Dana White said a Robbie Lawler fight “makes sense” and Georges St. Pierre’s manager “called” for it, Nate Diaz doesn’t think those are the fights meant for his next Octagon appearance. In an interview with ESPN, Nate said:

“The biggest thing with Lawler and GSP — I would have been all about those fights and I am, but at the same time, my brother [Nick] is coming back and those are his fights. Those are Nick Diaz fights. I’m not trying to step on his shoes.”


After his NSAC suspension was reduced to 18 months, Nick Diaz will be eligible to compete again on August 1, 2016. ¬†On the other hand, Lawler and GSP ( if he returns ) are reportedly being eyed to star at UFC 200, scheduled for July and which is groomed to be the promotion’s biggest event ever. Having said those, matching up Nick Diaz with either men isn’t likely possible this year. But what about next year? Given Lawler and/or St. Pierre would fight in July, their next you bout can be in early 2017.

Meanwhile, Nate wants the the biggest fight out there and is leaning towards a rematch with RDA:

“I’m thinking probably the lightweight title fight, whatever is biggest….I’m not asking for anything. I’m demanding more than everybody. I want more than everybody, straight up. Money talks. I want the biggest fight. Whoever I’ve got to fight — the biggest show, biggest payday — that’s what I want.”

Unfortunately for Nick, the biggest show is UFC 200 which is barely four months away. But if he wants the biggest payday, he’ll earn it against Conor McGregor. McGregor said he will likely move down to defend his featherweight belt. But wasn’t Conor planning to fight RDA at 155? Teammate and buddy Gunnar Nelson suggested Conor remain at 155 too. So what about that Conor Mcregor – Nate Diaz ¬†rematch next year? That would be the biggest fight for Nate Diaz. But when?

We all know the significance of 209 to the UFC and it’s not because of Jon Anik’s new tattoo:

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It’s the reason behind that tattoo- it’s the area code of Stockton, California where the UFC’s Diaz brothers come from. Having the Diaz brothers fight at UFC 209 should be symbolic. It’s not about them getting special treatment or something like that. It’s celebrating these two Ninjas in a special event.

The UFC held 13 numbered events in 2014 and 2015 and if that trend continues, UFC 209 should be the second event of 2017. And since UFC 200 falls on July, 209 could likely be in April 2017. That’s still a year from now and a lot of things can still happen. But the Diaz brothers don’t need to win to get big fights. Remember Nick came from a GSP loss before fighting Anderson Silva and came from a Condit loss before facing GSP. On the other hand, Nate was 2-3 in his last five bouts when he got the Conor McGregor bout. These aren’t just ninjas. These are ninjas who can sell fights. So what about it Dana White? Diaz Brothers headlining UFC 209. Against who? As Dana White loves to say “We’ll see how things play out”.