Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor UFC 196

Let’s actually start thinking about probably one of the most if not the most out of the question scenarios that can actually happen at UFC 196. And the scenario that we are talking about is Nate Diaz actually beating Conor McGregor at UFC 196 in the main event fight. Can anybody actually think about the ramifications? Well let’s look at it like this, there’s no saying that Nate Diaz is completely out of the fight as Nate Diaz even though he is two for three out of his last 5 fights has lost only to one fighter in the last 5 years that has not been a UFC champion or is currently a UFC champion and that is Josh Thompson . The other two losses coming to Benson Henderson and Rafael Dos Anjos and we’re going to have to say those aren’t bad credentials at all. Not only does he have that feather under his hat but he also has the distinction of having highly technical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A skill which can come out of anywhere at anytime and actually might be his biggest advantage in this fight as we have yet to see the actual BJJ level of Conor McGregor in the elite levels of the UFC. So far the most we have see Conor McGregor jujitsu is him punching Chad Mendes in the face and looking to the referee to stand them up in their UFC 189 fight.


Let’s also talk about Nate Diaz’ boxing. MMA fans are going to say that Nate Diaz has superb boxing as we have seen throughout his entire career, there’s no denying that. He has the boxing style and technique to stifle if not completely neutralize the looping punch set ups and combination of Mcgregor. When Diaz throws and connects with a clean shot that’s when the combinations and flurries start to come in bit by bit piece by piece, the only time he breaks in between is to make his money by taunting his opponents. Look where it’s gotten him so far, here in a big money fight at UFC 196 against one of the biggest MMA stars today. So yeah we’re going to have to say so far it’s working very well. But also in all reality who doesn’t love it. And even a technique like taunting can cause tiny distractions to McGregors offense if he lets it, that it can distract him long enough to eat a combo or two, and in this high stake of a fight a combo or two can be all it takes.


Diaz winning this fight opens a lot of ramifications for the UFC and Conor McGregor himself as the MMA mathematicians will most likely become rampant with statements alluding to Nate Diaz can clear out the featherweight division. The UFC would be in a bind as to do a lot of damage control on the choice of their superstar much to the same affect of Ronda Rousey when she lost her title in upset to Holly Holm at UFC 193. And then there’s the McGregor effect, he would lose a lot of steam in terms of trash talking and credibility among fighters, supporters, and sponsors as a lot of questions would open up to how he could be one of the best MMA fighters, but lose to someone who stepped in with about two weeks notice. Sure he has hardcore supporters regardless if he wins or loses and sure he can lose millions of dollars in terms of sponsors. But the question here is: Is Nate Diaz capable of winning this fight? That answer as of right now is a yes.