No, there isn’t any rumor of any Mike Tyson comeback at all. At age 49, Tyson isn’t about to do a George Foreman-beat-Michael-Moorer thing. But when a video of Iron Mike hitting the bags for an exhibition comes out, it goes viral.

Though he’s long retired from the sport of boxing, Tyson has kept himself in the limelight with TV appearances, acting jobs, writing books, promoting boxing bouts and showing up at UFC events. But just because he’s being doing those recently, doesn’t mean he is just a former boxer turned entertainer and funny man.

For someone who just followed the sport recently, Mike Tyson may be just the former boxing champ who’s got an odd tattoo on his face:


But to those who witnessed and followed his rise and fall in the sport, he was the baddest man on the planet and the most feared boxer in the ring:


If only looks could kill, Iron Mike would have killed every opponent before he knocked them out.

But gone are those days. Tyson last fought in 2005 and lost three of his last four bouts. Like we said, he’s more of a funny man now and is far from the vicious killer he was during his prime.

But when Tyson put on a gloves recently in a video released by boxing gear company ProLast, Mike Tyson reminds us of who is truly the baddest man on the planet:

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