Mark Hunt UFC Brisbane


And just like that Mark Hunt blasts his way back near the top 5 with a classic and amazing walk off KO of Frank Mir at UFC: Brisbane. In the case you missed the build up to the fight many fans and pundits alike were seeming to believe that Hunt more than Mir was on the tail end of his long and spectacular UFC career before the fight. Hunt even said himself he was offered a large sum of money to just walk away from the UFC as a sort of severance package after in-between his losses to current HW champion Fabricio Werdum and current championship challenger Stipe Miocic. Well MMA fans are glad he didn’t as at UFC: Brisbane he proved that he can still stand in there with some of the best heavyweights in the world and not just compete with them, but beat them if only on the feet.

Many still expected Frank Mir to win as he threatened Mark hunt prior to their fight stating:

“I have the hip drive that when I grab something, it’s not going to be uncomfortable. He’s going to have to make the decision of it he wants to continue fighting or go ahead and lose that fight. When I say continue fighting, I mean if he taps, he can continue on (with his career). Kneebars and heel hooks at his age could take him out of competition for an extremely long time.”

Mark Hunt being a combat sports veteran of nearly two decades brushed off Mirs’ threats stating that he was more than confident in his ground game to deal with Mir. Even though we didn’t get to see that aspect of the fight, oddly enough it didn’t seem like Frank Mir wanted to take the fight there at all.

Hunt Walk Off KO

Mir decided to showcase his improved striking skills actually getting the better of Hunt with countering on the exchanges. But Mir proved too overconfident in his skills as he landed shots, but hardly any of them seemed to phase Hunt more than annoy him, and Mir paid the price. The one thing that is Mark Hunts bread and butter in the MMA world is his insane knockout power and at UFC : Brisbane, it almost seemed like Frank Mir was going against fate as he continued to jab away at Hunt before crashing to the mat only to sit up wide eyed and confused from Hunts walk off Ko. Some might say the fight was called off too early, but it didn’t seem that Mir was going to be able to defend against or want to eat any more shots from the position he was in.

Now with Hunt crashing into the middle of the pack possibly nearer the top 5 of the heavyweight division UFC matchmakers have something to think about. Mark Hunt is on a two fight winning streak now which puts him behind two other heavyweight fights currently with a win streak who are not fighting for a title. Those two being Alistair Overeem with three straight wins and Ben Rothwell with a win streak of 4. In the heavyweight division that takes more than luck and if it’s one of the heaviest hands in the UFC, he’s definitely got it.