Chris Weidman recently said that he gave Luke Rockhold a “gift” when he pulled out of UFC 199 and that gift is in the form of Michael Bisping whom Weidman said is “the easiest fight in title fight history”.  Luke Rockold disagrees. He says it’s the other way around. Said the Champ to the MMA Hour:

I think [Weidman] might have been easier, in my opinion. Bisping is just a little bit funner. It’s more tactical. I’m gonna enjoy it more. It’s gonna be funner for the fans. Weidman kind of fights ugly and fights with his balls. Comes forward and might get a little sloppy. I’d pick him off fairly early. I think he overextends. It excites me more. It’s gonna be fun for me. It’s gonna be fun for the fans. I like tactical battles. I like outsmarting him. I like adjusting and making my points. Weidman just kind of fights like an idiot. He just fucking runs forward and exposes himself and kind of overcommits and relies on his toughness. Bisping tries to make it more tactical and I enjoy that, that process of finding my shots and outdoing him, outsmarting him in the cage and putting him away.”

You’ve got to give Rockhold A+ for confidence.  But after knocking out Weidman at UFC 194 and submitting Bisping in two rounds the year before, you don’t like to argue with a man who’s been there and done that. Still, Weidman calls Rockhold “cocky” while Bisping refers to him as “smug”. Rockhold explained:

“People do not like confidence. People hate people that tell them what they’re gonna do. People hate that. It comes off as arrogance, whatever you want to call it. For me, it’s the truth. The truth hurts sometimes and I tell the truth. I don’t talk sh*t. Bisping, other people, they might talk shit. I talk the truth. Just because I know what I’m gonna do. A lot of these guys think they know what they’re gonna do. Few people really do know. And that’s what separates us. I’m gonna go do exactly what I said.”

At UFC 199, Rockhold says he’s going to stop Bisping in round one. And he says it won’t be just an ordinary knockout:

“This one will be ended in the first round. I will give you something different. I will not be a left kick. It might be a right kick. It might be a left hand. It’ll be something special.”

Whether Rockhold is talking the truth or just sh*t, we’ll find out on Saturday night.