Well with Rafael dos anos out of the fight it looked like there was an opportunity for big money fight to replace a super fight that was supposed to happen. And out of nowhere a name that fans have been calling for ever since his last fight appears from the Conor McGregor sweepstakes. Jose Aldo declined the fight because he wasn’t prepared as would be expected from somebody who just lost after 13 seconds in the first round of his last fight. Frankie Edgar is still on the medical suspension list and yes we can expect him to toss in a complaint on the pick here in a bit. It wasn’t Tony Ferguson even though he’s on the seven fight win streak which would make him a viable candidate for the McGregor sweepstakes. And it wasn’t Anthony Pettis as some thought even considering that he’s coming off the first two-fight losing streak of his career.


It’s Nate Diaz, who is currently 2 – 3 in his last 5 fights and somehow someway managed to talk enough trash to squeeze himself into the McGregor sweepstakes and actually win it. Getting the fight at UFC 196 in a non-title welterweight bout pretty much saving the card and making himself more than a big chunk of pocket change in the process. Who would have thought right? Now with the fight officially set we’re very sure there is going to be on war of words and trash talk between the two fighters. As none of them will manage to back down when it comes to tossing insults at the other and talking up their fight more than anything else.

in this situation there are sure to be a lot of revisions to the promo videos the UFC 196 is going to put out within the next week or so but we expect them to show the character for both of these fighters. So the only thing that’s left to wonder is who is going to get into who’s head first?