Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to put things into perspective: Holly Holm’s upset of Ronda Rousey was the biggest upset in UFC history.

Let’s go back to UFC 193 and take a look and hear the crowd’s reaction as the knockout happened:

Before the main event, the record setting crowd was said to be one of the quietest and most polite ever. But that reaction shows the magnitude of Holm’s victory.

Even veteran broadcaster Joe Rogan, who’s called many title fights before, had this reaction:

It’s been widely accepted that Matt Serra’s victory over GSP at UFC 69 was the biggest upset in UFC history:

Others contend that it was Chris Weidman’s UFC 162 KO of Anderson Silva.


But while those are arguably two of the top candidates, Rousey’s shocking loss ranks right up there with them. What makes it better is how dominant Ronda was before that happened.

After Rousey’s last three title defenses lasted a total of 64 seconds, not many were even expecting Holm to make it past round one. And justifiably so, because only one foe had made it past round one against Ronda Rousey. But even she got stopped, as all the other 11 women who shared the Octagon with the Rowdy One.

GSP and The Spider were dominant too when they were upset. But Rousey was nearly untouchable and close to invincible before Holm stripped her of her powers.

A $100 dollar bet on Holm won $600 while a $900 bet for Ronda won just $100. Holm opened as a 14-1 underdog and was down to 8-1 on fight night. You can just imagine how the outcome of the bout smashed a lot of sports books in Vegas.

Holly Holm was supposed to be just another footnote in Rousey’s legacy, instead she wrote her own script and produced the biggest upset in UFC history.