Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum knows he made a big blunder in chasing down Stipe Miocic at UFC 198. You simply cannot leave your hands down against a heavy handed opponent like Stipe Miocic, not even when he’s backing up. Unfortunately, Werdum learned that first hand on Saturday night:

Said Werdum via translator after the fight:

” The right word is reckless. I was a little bit reckless. I had my vision too open. I needed to focus a little bit more on him. Sometimes that happens. Your vision opens and in that moment he hit me and I didn’t see it. It landed on the chin.”

That recklessness cost him the UFC Heavyweight title and it happened in front of 45,000 of his countrymen who were cheering for him. Worse, he got knocked out cold:

So much for the Funny Face:

Werdum is now seriously asking the UFC for an immediate rematch. Said Werdum at the post-fight press conference:

“I think the most fair thing would be, I have six consecutive wins. I was the champion. I think the fair thing would be to get a rematch.┬áIn my opinion, I think that I was the champion until today. I think it would be the most fair, but I never had that problem. It’s not my decision. I’m not the one who decides. I don’t have options. I don’t have to pick one guy. There’s one guy that I’m going to fight and that’s it.

A similar precedent though would be Jose Aldo, who like Werdum got reckless for 13 seconds at UFC 193 against Conor McGregor. Like Werdum, Aldo got knocked out cold with a single punch from McGregor. And like Aldo, Werdum may not be getting his wish granted.

Waiting in the wings are #1 contender Cain Velasquez, who’s was forced out of a rematch with Werdum because of injury. Then there is #2 ranked Alistair Overeem, who passed Miocic in the rankings days before UFC 198. Overeem is on a tear, winning four fights in a row. Certainly, it would also be as fair to give those two the next title shot. Like Werdum, they’ve earned the right to0.

UFC President Dana White wasn’t in Brazil when it happened so there was no immediate comment from him and the UFC. After the fight, all White could muster to say were two words:

It was sad to see Werdum’s title reign end like that and in front of his countrymen. It was supposed to be a celebration in Brazil this weekend. Instead, Werdum learned his lesson the hard way- the hard right hand from Stipe Miocic.