It’s been nearly two years since George St. Pierre relinquished the UFC Welterweight Title after a controversial win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. But because St. Pierre never said anything about retirement, there was never any closure.

That’s the reason why we’ve never stopped hearing about the rumors of a comeback, especially the one that says GSP is coming back for a Superfight.

A UFC Superfight was an openweight bout before the weight classes were introduced in 1997. Since then it’s been used to refer to a bout between two superstars who belong in different weight classes.

Since 2011, George St. Pierre has been linked to a superfight with Anderson Silva. And although that never materialized in their primes, it’s the same rumor we are hearing these days:

When GSP appeared at the famed Wild Card Gym in L.A., rumors of an impending comeback started to heat up once again:

Trainer Freddie Roach confirmed GSP’s desire to train again and in fact said that St. Pierre is planning to do a full six week camp to gauge his desire:

GSP did in fact start training this month:

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