Frankie Edgar is pissed off really bad because just when the rest of the world rejoiced with the announcement of the event saving Conor McGregor-Nate Diaz bout, Edgar launched a verbal assault on UFC President Dana White and the UFC as a whole.

Since last year, The Answer had set his eyes on McGregor and his 145 pound belt:

Frankie Edgar Sets His Eyes on The Gold

Frankie Edgar earned the right to call out McGregor after the former UFC Lightweight champion knocked out Chad Mendes in just one round at the TUF 22 Finale last December. That victory was Edgar’s fifth in a row after losing three consecutive title bouts to Benson Henderson (twice) and Jose Aldo. That winning run put Edgar on top of the list of McGregor’s challengers at featherweight.

But alas, McGregor moved up to 155 to challenge Rafael Dos Anjos instead of defending his featherweight belt. That left Edgar in the waiting game until yesterday, when the call came to replace the injured RDA. But it wasn’t meant to be. Said Edgar to MMA Fighting on Wednesday:

“I’m pissed off for a couple of reasons. I’m pissed off that I’ve got this opportunity slip through again. I’m sitting here, I’m the one who’s been trying to fight this guy for months now. I’m flying myself to Vegas on my own dime to lobby to get a fight with this guy and now here comes the opportunity, and I’m hurt and I can’t take it. I haven’t done anything in four weeks. I didn’t just pull my groin, I tore it. I sent Dana and everyone in the UFC my MRI.”

Not getting the fight must’ve hurt more than the injury itself. But Edgar wasn’t just pissed at himself. He was pissed with Dana White and the UFC too:

“I’m even more pissed that Dana’s insinuating that I ‘refused’ to take this fight, which is bullsh*t. Just because they asked me doesn’t mean they were going to give it to me because guess what, in July they asked me to take the UFC 189 fight on 15 day’s notice, which of course I accepted, and I still didn’t get it.” 

Edgar wasn’t finished:

“And this is what my team was pissed at. This dude, they were going to let this guy hold the 145-pound title, go up to 55, now two weight classes are being held up. And now they’re saying he’s going to go up to 70. This is a circus. The ‘C’ in UFC stands for Conor. This guy runs the show.”

While it may appear that way to Frankie Edgar, the UFC was left with few options after Dos Anjos pulled out of UFC 196. Remember that the original UFC 196 was taken off PPV to FS1 after both Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez got injured. To do that all over again would have been a disaster.  In short, McGregor saved the event by agreeing to fight Nate Diaz at 170 pounds, without a world title on the line.

Meanwhile, the injured Dos Anjos  took time out to trash McGregor, questioning his wisdom to choose Diaz over Donald Cerrone:

Your guess is as good as mine. But while Cerrone was obviously disappointed with not getting the fight, his initial reaction was, unlike Frankie Edgar’s lengthy rant, just four letters:

But of course, Cowboy had other reactions, like:

Again, just five words. Nothing against Dana White, nothing bad against the UFC.

But hey, isn’t this the Cowboy who trolled Reebok and got fined for violating the UFC uniform deal? Yes, but saying “F**k Reebok” is different from saying that the UFC is operating a circus which Conor McGregor is running.

Frankie Edgar surely deserves his monicker. In fact, he should change it to “The Answers” because he’s got a lot of bad things to say lately. This wasn’t the first time Edgar has been “pissed”. Five days into 2016, Edgar said this at the MMA Hour:

“For sure, I’m pissed. I’ve been at it for a while now, I’ve been knocking on the door for this title shot for a while. It started with Cub [Swanson]. If Cub beat me he was promised a title shot. I beat him, I finished him in pretty dominating fashion and no, I’m not even considered for that title shot. I take it in stride. I do everything in stride, I really do think I’m a company man, but it’s not really panning out for me being that way.”

The true personification of a company man is Cowboy Cerrone. Sure he talks sh@t too but he never crosses the line. That’s perhaps why he gets to fight many times in a year. Frankie Edgar? He’s the Answer and he’s all about answers. That’s why he’s not getting the big fights right now. Good begets good while bad begets bad.