From Hulk Hogan to John Cena, the WWE universe has fell victim to The Rock’s most popular move. But don’t bother asking John Cena how devastating that move is because you don’t have to. Cena’s face tells it all:


When The Rock lays the smack down on you, it’s game-set-match. The Rock Bottom is intended to let you hit rock bottom, literally. Watch this 30 second compilation of The Rock with his most famous move:

A couple of articles ago, we thought we saw a DDT finish in MMA when Josh Blyden’s guillotine choke on Nick Sprayberry at Legacy 47 appeared to have ended after one. Well, the similar moves between Pro Wrestling and MMA didn’t end there.

Former UFC bantamweight Luis Nogueira has taken his act to Pancrase after fighting for Bellator. At Pancrase 271, Nogueira pulled off an apparent Rock Bottom and shut the living daylight off Yuki Baba. Watch this video and decide for yourselves:

It was a legal MMA move but it also made us remember the People’s Eyebrow:


One of the most charismatic athletes ever, The Rock is now busy with a very successful Hollywood career. But remember the days when he dominated the WWE universe?

The WWE universe hasn’t been the same without The Rock. However, Luis Nogueira made us remember the man who carried pro wrestling on his broad eyebrows. If you smell what The Rock is cooking….