We’ve seen some spectacular finishes, brutal knockouts and highlight reel moves. But this is something you don’t see often in MMA fights and most probably something you have never seen before in the UFC or Bellator.

The event was the Apex Fights 8 in Tennessee earlier this month and it was in a fight between MMA fighter Preston Schick and Joshua Spears. Schick won the fight by knockout, but it wasn’t just one of those regular KOs.

Watch the fight video and see the “highlight” move at the 2:03 mark when Schick finishes the bout:

Watch it again in slo mo and marvel:

Now that’s some 1-2 combination right there: One left hand to knock his opponent’s tooth off and an even more powerful right hand to send the flying tooth to the audience and land squarely on his opponent’s face. And yes, that move ended the fight.

Now what do we call that punch combo?

We know there’s one called “The Flying Head Scissors” in the WWE:

Preston Schick’s move should be aptly called the “Flying Incisors”.