By now, everyone knows what happened to Sage Northcutt last Saturday. Some call it a hype-train stopped while others say he was like a shooting star falling down from the heavens. Regardless of how you looked at it, Sage Northcutt suffered his first MMA loss .

Of course being 19 and making $80K ($40K to show up, $40K for win) in only his second UFC fight has produced plenty of critics. Not to mention the many detractors who accuse the UFC of playing favorites because he’s been promoted like a star and booked for three fights in four months. Those naysayers were pretty much loud after Northcutt’s infamous tap against Bryan Barberena:

Even Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, who will face each other at UFC on Fox 19, squared off on Twitter after Ferguson made fun of Northcutt’s loss. Nurmagomedov defended Northcutt and even offered advice to the teenage fighter.

But while these people continue to analyze Northcutt’s defeat and criticize him for that weak tap, the kid himself seems to have taken everything everything in stride and accepted the defeat as a learning experience. One day after the most disappointing fight of his life, Super Sage appeared to be in high spirits when he thanked his fans via Twitter:

Just as he tapped ( too quickly??) last Saturday, Northcutt bricked the basketball shot he took in that video.Nobody’s perfect, right? That was perhaps the message he tried to preach. Whether that was his own idea or that of a higher force ( UFC perhaps?), it was symbolic. He also said that he will be back better than ever. Sage Northcutt being better than ever is easier done than said ( yes, done than said and not otherwise) because Northcutt isn’t really good at all, so a little improvement the next time out will make him look much better.

It’s funny how some fans and a handful of his peers seem to be jealous of the kid, simply because he seems to be getting all the favors from the UFC gods. While his detractors try to pull him down, the kid isn’t going nowhere. Because even in his darkest hours, he still dominated the headlines. Now that’s something that isn’t learned. It’ something you have to be born with or without. That’s the stuff true superstars are made of.