From saying it’s tough to give Aldo a Conor rematch last month, Dana White is now singing a different tune. The mercurial UFC President told ESPN Brazil last week that he’s going to give Junior a call this week to discuss his future. From the ESPN Brazil report:

“I love Jose (Aldo). I’ll call him today (Wednesday) and we’ll talk to decide who’s next for him,” said White.

Emphatic is a key word in that quote (if that was translated correctly) because ever since Conor McGregor entered the UFC picture:


Dana White’s relationship with Aldo has deteriorated by the day and we don’t have to mention the ugly details. Now that isn’t what Dana said to ESPN Brazil. Go to the next page for a bigger revelation:

After White said he’s be giving Aldo a call, he was asked about Aldo getting a title shot. Here’s what ESPN Brazil reported:

Asked if the conversation would be to set a new fight for the belt, White was emphatic. “Yes,” he replied.

Now if Dana’s emphatic about a Jose Aldo title shot, that’s good news for Junior’s fans. The question is what about Aldo’s demands?

Aldo broke a long silence when he demanded a Conor McGregor rematch-with or without the title on the line. At first, White admitted it was tough to book that rematch because number one, Aldo missed the first date with a rib injury and then got knocked out in 13 seconds when the finally met inside the Octagon. White had a point with that first answer because after all, the UFC is a business. But what about this recent interview?

Take note that White didn’t mention anything about fighting Conor McGregor. What he was saying was a “title fight”. Now that could mean a couple of things. First things first. Conor McGregor moves up to lightweight on March 5 and if he does make good on his promise once again, he becomes 155 pound champion. If that happens, there is a possibility that McGregor will stay at lightweight class and vacate his old belt. If that is so, then Aldo could be fighting Frankie Edgar (in a rematch) for the vacant featherweight title:


If McGregor wins and decides to keep both belts or the featherweight belt only, the UFC could book an interim featherweight title (paper title) bout between Edgar and Aldo while McGregor takes a break after March 5. Same thing would happen if Conor loses. He takes a breather and an interim featherweight title fight is booked before a bigger unification bout would then be made once McGregor returns. In those instances, Jose Aldo will be fighting for a title next, but it may not be against McGregor.

Aldo demanded for McGregor’s head next but given the circumstances, the best option for him is to take the next big fight available and that should be against Edgar. A win there should eventually lead to McGregor anyway. Now if Aldo wants to wait for McGregor ( not a good decision), he can do so but he risks being lost in relevancy with the many up and coming stars breaking out. Let’s hope White talks some sense to Aldo because while he truly deserves a rematch, that isn’t likely going to happen in his next fight.