You might be wondering why the UFC has two “official” posters for UFC 196. If you saw the event’s press conference last month, you probably have an idea why. Wanna guess? Well if you guessed it’s because of Conor McGregor, your guess is right.

After arriving 15 minutes late for the presser, the brash Irishman ranted about the UFC 196 poster immediately when he saw it:

“Where is my damn belt? This is a superfight. I look up on that poster, I see myself tucked in the back there. I see a guy (dos Anjos) who, his last gate was $1.7 million. He fought on free TV. He’s never brought a dime to this company. He’s never made a dime. Yet, he’s sitting there on the front of my poster. I think that’s a department that needs to be looked at. Somebody is sleeping on the job.”

This was what McGregor was talking about:


The person whom McGregor said was sleeping on the job did have a point though. The Dos Anjos-McGregor showdown is for the UFC Lightweight title and that was probably the reason why he had RDA’s belt on display. That’s fair enough, but not to the Notorious One who has a keen eye on details. The UFC did change the poster, but not because McGregor is the one calling the shots now according to UFC President Dana White. During Wednesday’s guesting at the “Grant and Danny Show”, White recalled how it happened:

“Conor made his argument, ‘This is a superfight. I’m a [145]-pound champion. He’s the [155]-pound champion. My belt should be represented even though I’m not defending my belt? And I said, ‘You know what? You’re right, Conor. All right, we’ll do it,’”

So this is why the UFC 196 official poster looks like now, as tweeted by the UFC on Wednesday:

The new poster shows both RDA and McGregor on opposite sides with their faces of the same size. Their respective belts are partly shown on their shoulder side while a caption of
“champion vs champion” was placed in between their images. Barring any further objection from McGregor ( or Dos Anjos for that matter), this one should be it. Fair enough Conor?

McGregor has been criticized for his superstar behavior and treatment from the UFC but you can’t blame the promotion because in McGregor’s words, he’s “put money where his mouth is”:

So far, McGregor has been like a prophet- predicting everything that has happened to his career. He’s brought in the numbers and the cash. That’s the reason why it’s hard for the UFC not to listen to the words of this MMA Nostradamus or give in to his demands, no matter how absurd some may have been. Hopefully,Conor is right about challenging Rafael Dos Anjos on March 5 because that guy is as “crazy” as he is inside the Octagon:


Sure McGregor can change the poster and tell the UFC what to do. But Rafael Dos Anjos is gonna defend that belt like a crazy dog would do his dog house.