UFC legend Chuck Liddell has always been critical of Jon Jones even before their current social media spat.

In 2012, Jon Jones turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen after original opponent Dan Henderson suffered  a knee injury. Jones’  withdrawal caused the cancellation of UFC 151, making it the first event in UFC history to be cancelled. Said Liddell about that incident:

“I would have done anything just to keep the fight. I’ll fight anybody. I’ve already done all the training and I’ve already gotten ready for it. I’m in great shape and I’m the best light heavyweight in the world, I shouldn’t be afraid to fight anybody.”

During that same interview, Liddell also criticised Jon Jones’ fighting style:

“I like Jon, I think he’s a good guy. I’d like to see him get after it more and try to finish more. But he’s tough man, he’s doing what he does.”

 Enter 2016 and after a spat on Twitter , Liddell continues to take a shot at Jones’ fighting style. Said Liddell during the recent EA Sports UFC 2 pre-launch party:

“He’s a great fighter. It’s like Mayweather. Mayweather is a phenomenal fighter, I don’t like watching him. I don’t want to watch a guy outpoint a guy just enough to win and cruise.If that’s the way you fight and you’re the best in the world, you should be champion. Whatever your style of fighting, if you’re winning by the rules that are set by everybody, you should be champion. I’m not mad at him for fighting that way. I understand it. Honestly, I talked about Georges St. Pierre the same way. As a coach, as a manager, I get it. Great. I understand what he’s doing. As a fan, not so much. I don’t get it so much. That’s not what I want to see. But to each his own.”

To each his own indeed. Chuck Liddell retired with a record of 21-8 with 13 knockouts and 1 submission. His 62% KO rate made him the biggest superstar during his time. But because of Liddell’s aggressive fighting style, 6 of his losses were by KO and 1 by submission, including the last three losses which forced him to retire On the other hand, Jones has a record of 21-1 with 9 KOs and 6 submissions. 15 stoppages in 22 fights?  That doesn’t sound like point scoring to me.  Neither does it to this guy:

Jones meanwhile took aim at Liddell’s aggressive and sometimes reckless style:

Jones had a point there. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. That’s what happened to Chuck during his career. Having said that, Jones  has lost only once in his career and that was via disqualification against Matt Hamill in 2009. Other than that, he’s been spotless.

Jones and Liddell appeared to be headed to reconciliation when the two met face to face at UFC 200:

Apparently, the friction is still there as Chuck Liddell continues to be critical of Jones’ fighting style. You got to hate Jon Jones for being a social media dork these days. But while  Liddell is entitled to his opinion, to say that Jones’ style is point fighting isn’t correct. Moreso comparing Jones to Mayweather. Not even close Chuck.