If you haven’t heard already Rafael dos Anjos has pulled out of his UFC 196 fight with Conor McGregor due to a foot injury. With the card basically building on its huge super fight more than anything else even a match between Holly home and Miesha Tate possibly couldn’t be the fight that can save the whole card. Let’s all be honest here 98% of MMA fans want to see Conor McGregor fight and the sooner the better. But now with this huge blow to the card will the new superstar kind of McGregor actually take a short notice fight like he used to when he wasn’t the champion? Or is this the same old McGregor who says he’s always ready to fight whenever, which gives us are very small but fight worthy list of card saving options. Let’s go with the latter just in case.


One of those card saving options for UFC 196 as we all know is somebody who’s has wanted to fight Conor McGregor since he came to the featherweight division and that is Frankie Edgar. Frankie Edgar has made his case by fighting and dominating the perennial number one contender in Chad Mendes. A five-fight win streak also doesn’t hurt with him beating Urijah Faber in there as well. It’s a highly likely chance that many more fans would wish to see Frankie Edgar fight Conor McGregor more than anyone else on the options that the UFC potentially has.


Quite possibly the last option that the UFC might have and possibly the worst option according to fans is the rematch with Jose Aldo. Yes, the same Jose Aldo who lost to Conor McGregor at UFC 194 in 13 seconds of the first round after the two something year long hype and lead up. Why might this be the worst possible match up out of these two options? Well, no one expects Jose Aldo to take such a short notice fight and improve enough to beat Conor McGregor in such a short period of time. The gap in speed and skill seemed to divide with every clash in the ring and, unfortunately, there was only two. But even with those two exchanges it was just too much and still might be too much too soon. Even with the obvious, Jose Aldo continues to campaign for his rematch that he says the UFC promised him and maybe this might be a way for them to save the card and use Jose Aldo as a carrot on a stick to get Conor McGregor to fight.


Alright let’s go ahead and throw this one in there. Sure Donald’s around he would love to go in there and fight Conor McGregor but let’s all be serious here he might need way more time to train for a championship fight considering what happened in his last one.