Uriah Hall vs Anderson Silva


Here we have two exciting fighters both coming off of a loss. One fighter who is an MMA legend with all the skills to be the world champion again, but maybe not the same physical attributes and another with the physical attributes but not the same amount of skills to be the next Anderson Silva himself. Anderson Silva recently lost a fight to Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night : London where most fans and himself thought he won in the third round due to a flying knee knock down of Michael Bisping that had everyone celebrating thinking they were just witnessing the return of the greatest of all time Anderson Silva and not the fresh from a loss to Chris Weidman-Anderson Silva. Silva ended up taunting and slipping strikes from Michael Bisping for the rest of the fight and falling short in the fight as Bisping outpointed Silva taking the unanimous decision win and leaving everyone stunned especially Anderson Silva himself. With the loss, Silva asked to fight on the UFC card for Curitiba Brazil and he was most likely was going to get it, but against who was always the big question.


Anderson Silva UFC

It seems as the UFC was listening to the rumbles and not wanting to devalue one of their most famous fighters and have him fight anyone out of the top 10, but no one in the top 5 as Silva coming off of a loss, still needed work to build his own hype back up. That’s where Hall steps in. Hall currently is ranked number 10 in the UFC middleweight rankings and has the skills to nearly match Silva, but has always seemed much more hesitant to pull the trigger. Halls short comings on pulling the trigger have cost him multiple times in his fights as he was at one time hyped by the UFC to be the next big thing after demolishing everyone in his way on the seventeenth season of the Ultimate Fighter. Fans have noted that Hall lost The Ultimate Fighter tournament due to not fighting at his full capacity to a more wrestling based Kelvin Gastelum even himself stating that he had a failed to be mentally ready to fight. His most recent showing against Robert Whitaker where he was outpointed yet again even being outclassed by Whittaker as he took the unanimous decision win at UFC 193.


Uriah Hall UFC

With Silva possibly facing Hall at UFC 198 in Curitiba, Brazil we have a matchup of pure striking skills from Anderson Silva and pure potential in Hall as this would definitely not be a fight where we have to worry about takedowns or submissions. It would be a fight where Anderson Silva can showcase that the “Spider” of old can still tease us and get everyone excited and get the bonus of being in the win column. And it can also be a fight where Uriah Hall can show us that just maybe he still has something special to show us, that something being if he can pull himself together he can become even more than Anderson Silva.