Amir Khan vs Manny Pacquiao

We thought Amir Khan finally landed a Big Fight, only to realize later that it was a hoax:

When Amir Khan retweeted the news report, we all thought this was it. Unfortunately, Khan was just reacting to a story first reported by the UK’s The Daily Mail:

Unfortunately we all know what the Daily Mail is all about. Let the Brits say it themselves:

The Daily Fail indeed. Understandably, that got Arum upset because what promoter wouldn’t know that a contract was already sent to one party?

Colorful, huh? But just how colorful, listen to these:

As Arum said before, the choice of Manny Pacquiao’s final opponent rests solely on Manny Pacquiao:

At least we know whose court the ball is in right now. Now we also know that the field has been narrowed down to two: Amir Khan and Terence Crawford. Who would Pacquiao choose?

Financially, it would be good to choose with Khan because he has a huge following and a loyal British market. Crawford meanwhile is a solid draw in Omaha but it remains to seen if he is a good dance partner on a PPV main event. Aside from that, Khan’s aggressive and sometimes reckless style would be better suited for Pacquiao:

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