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Adrien Broner has always referred to himself as About Billions but it’s not that he makes billions but because he spends like he has billions.

But Broner isn’t just about talking thrash though. He just won the WBA Light Welterweight title with a 12th round TKO victory over Khabib Allakhverdiev last October 3, 2015. The win gave the flamboyant boxer a 4th world title in a fourth weight class.

It’s been two weeks since that victory, but Broner isn’t done celebrating. Watch Broner throw away $40K in cash at the Stadium Club in D.C on October 15.. Here’s Broner’s instagram post:

Broner reportedly dropped his cash too fast that at one point he ran out of $1 bills and had to throw away $100 bills instead. Wow!

But if you think that was cool, here’s someone really close to Broner who does the same thing at Strip Clubs:

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