Theophane though was unfazed by Broner’s threats. He dismissed Broner’s insults and trash talking:

“To me, he’s entertaining. He’s foul-mouthed and says stuff he shouldn’t say. He said the same things about Shawn [Porter] and Marcos [Maidana] so I don’t worry about words.

Broner’s always been good with words. But his punch output and lackluster effort cost him the Shawn Porter fight while overconfidence and inexperience were his downfall against Maidana. Theophane feels that the blueprint to beating Broner has been laid down by Maidana and Porter and he’s gonna use it:

“He’s obviously a very good fighter to be 26 and a four-weight world champion. I respect him as a fighter but I do believe I can beat him. He’s shown his weakness against fighters like Shawn and Marcos, who are active. The blueprint is there.

Theophane may not be a Maidana and Porter, but he is no walk in the park. He is 39-6-1 with 11 KOs. Though he lost the two biggest fights of his career against Pablo Cesar Cano and Danny Garcia, he dropped both fights via split decision. He may not have faced a lot of big names in the ring, but he’s sparred with the likes of Mayweather, Errol Spence and Shawn Porter. How those sparring sessions translate during the actual fight is quite interesting to watch. Broner meanwhile has shown flashes of brilliance aside from those flashes in the pan:

Watch the video of Broner here:

Which Broner will show up against Theophane? Your guess is as good as ours.