After missing out on a Manny Pacquiao bout in April, Adrien Broner went on a social media tirade against Bob Arum and Ashley Theophane.

Arum, the Top Rank President and Manny Pacquiao’s longtime promoter had always insisted that Manny Pacquiao’s final ring opponent would either be Timothy Bradley, Terence Crawford or Amir Khan. But then just before Christmas, Broner surprised us by admitting he had been offered the Pacman fight:

Then just when Broner’s name was starting to make sense to everyone, Top Rank killed the Broner rumors by announcing on December 30, 2015 that Pacquiao will be facing Timothy Bradley for a third time on April 9, 2016. To say that Broner was upset would be an understatement because AB went on a Twitter rant against Arum:

While it’s true that Arum did try to get Broner to his stable in the past, that’s not the reason why Broner wasn’t picked. Said Arum:

“Let’s be honest when we talk about Mayweather and Berto, “What the [expletive] business did Berto have in there in the ring against Mayweather? None. It’s the same as if we had put Pacquiao in the ring with Broner. What the [expletive]? We’d never do that. It makes no sense.”

On the contrary, fighting Broner might have made more sense. Pacman is dying to get a Mayweather rematch and beating Floyd’s former protege might lure Money May out of retirement. And even if Mayweather won’t take the comeback bait, A Pacquiao-Broner fight may generate more PPV buys than a Pac-Bradley grudge match.
After lashing out at Arum, Broner then turned his focus to Theophane, a Londoner who fights out of Mayweather’s The Money Team.

See Broner’s distasteful Tweet to Theophane on the next page: